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Ann Brosseau

Ann Brosseau, B.A., M.A.Ed., is a seasoned bilingual professional with 30 years of experience in coaching, counselling, training and education. Throughout her career, Ann Brosseau has honed her skills in a variety of areas, including human resource management, organizational development and entrepreneurship.

As a manager, director and consultant (House of Commons, McGill University, Latitude Management, Ann Brosseau et associés, Ann Brosseau Coaching et formation), Ann Brosseau has played a crucial role in coaching leaders, managers and individuals on a multitude of topics ranging from leadership and management to interpersonal skills and career development. Her dedication to improving interpersonal dynamics and organizational processes in the workplace is evident in her design and implementation of innovative human resource management initiatives for all types of corporate and institutional and public service clients.

During her academic career, Ann Brosseau taught and coordinated programs in human resource management and leadership at McGill University's School of Continuing Studies. Her commitment to education is reflected in her work as a lecturer at various universities, where she has designed and taught numerous courses on organizational behavior, human resources management and leadership.

In addition to her many professional and academic achievements, Ann Brosseau is also an accomplished entrepreneur. She has successfully managed multiple businesses in diverse fields (arts, hospitality, events, retail, agriculture and livestock, consulting, dating agency), demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial flair.

Brosseau's contributions to the field of human resources management are not only practical, but also scientific. She is, among other things, the author of a unique and practical human resources risk management tool and the book "Beyond Common Sense and Intuition: A Practical guide to recruitment and selection," published in 2014 - which is still cutting-edge a decade later! Ann Brosseau has lectured extensively on topics such as performance management, staffing and succession planning. 

Since the very beginning of her career in 1993, Ann has also led conferences and training workshops for the general public on subjects relating to self-management and interpersonal relationships, including: emotions, defense mechanisms, active listening, assertiveness, communication, conflict management, the gift of feedback, intergenerational relationships, etc. 

An experienced, certified coach, Ann Brosseau offers her services to organizations and individuals in the fields of life, career, relationship, management and entrepreneurial coaching on a sliding scale basis, making her services accessible to all.

Her concern for accessibility also led her to create the L'Intersection concept, a shared, collaborative workplace where she implemented her Transition to Entrepreneurship Program, offering unique and generous support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, Ann Brosseau continues to be a driving force in empowering individuals and organizations to develop their organizational, management and relational skills.

Ann offers all her services in English and French.

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