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Job Interview

Hiring People

Effective human resource management starts even before new people join the organization.

In staffing, we emphasize the use of evaluation methods that have been proven as scientifically sound: technical tests, job samples and simulations. These methods have a higher degree of predictive validity than other methods.

Predictive validity is a measure of the relationship that exists between the performance of a candidate during the staffing process and his/her performance on the job. When predictive validity is high, it means that we have been able to predict the person’s performance – which is the goal of candidate evaluation.

A high degree of predictive validity is thus synonymous with success in employee selection.

For our clients, we design processes and tools to asses candidates’ competencies. These tools can include:

  • Knowledge tests

  • Technical tests

  • Job sample tests

  • Simulations

  • Interview guides

  • Questionnaires to verify references.

We can also design processes and tools to assess people’s potential for management (leadership and management competencies).

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