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Performance Management and Appraisal

We help clients oversee both the formal and informal aspects of performance management.

Formal performance management is in part done through performance appraisal. Cyclical and systematic, the goal of performance appraisal is to document, recognize and reward individual performance in order to motivate an employee and facilitate his ongoing development.

The informal aspect of performance management is comprised of the manager’s daily words and actions towards his/her employees. To engage employees and contribute to their development and improvement, ongoing feedback is essential. Without this vital part of performance management, performance appraisal is perceived as a daunting and even pointless administrative task – by employees as much as by managers.

To help our clients, we

  • Design performance management programs.

  • Design tailored and relevant performance appraisal processes and tools that are reliable, useful and easy to use.

  • Offer training to managers on how to offer recognition and feedback on an ongoing basis.

  • Offer training to managers to develop their ability to assess, document and discuss employee performance.

  • Offer training to employees to help them set their own performance objectives, assess their own performance and better prepare for performance-related discussions with their manager.

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