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Leadership Development

When an organization wishes to prepare high potential individuals for future management assignments, we can help by designing a leadership development program whose components will address its specific needs.

For example, a leadership development program may include some or many of the following components:

  • Completion of educational programs (such as college or university degrees, diplomas or certificates)

  • Formal in-class training – intensive or module-based

  • Self-directed learning (online training modules, reading)

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Special assignments or projects

  • Job rotations

  • Shadowing

  • Creation of temporary position to facilitate knowledge transfer, etc.

We can help clients by :

  • Designing an entire leadership program or a component of the program

  • Designing and offering in-class formal training – intensive or module-based

  • Working with e-learning specialists to design training content

  • Identifying relevant potential educational partners and managing relationships

  • Training coaches and mentors

  • Coaching successors to develop their leadership skills.

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