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Three basic principles allow us to translate our values into action.

Reaching a Deal


Because we truly believe that each organization is unique– it has a particular language and culture and it conveys a particular set of values, for instance– we develop and adapt processes, tools, programs and communications to best fit the organization’s characteristics and needs. This fit is possible not only because we are good listeners. Most of our solutions are based on quantitative and qualitative data that we collect from the organization.

Group Discussion


In order to ensure optimal fit, we need to communicate and consult with all parties involved: executives, managers, employees and union representatives. Consultation is time-consuming, but this time is an investment—not an expense. When everyone is “on board”, all concerned parties understand the initiatives that are under way, they are convinced of their success, and implementation runs much more smoothly—which means less time spent dealing with negative perceptions, convincing people to participate and managing people’s resistance to change.

Business Women Planning


We pride ourselves in empowering clients by developing internal knowledge and skills rather than “holding on to our professional secrets”. By working closely with HR managers and advisors, we foster autonomy. To do this, the services we propose often include training or coaching components and we welcome and encourage shared responsibility for the implementation of processes, tools, programs or initiatives.

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